Sunday, October 9, 2016

#Inktober Joining in on the 2016 Challenge

Talented illustrator Jake Parker has quite a following, and no wonder, he has a knack for breaking down and sharing information with students on how to hone their drawing skills. His blog on Tumblr is fun if not mesmerizing. Always one to challenge himself, in 2009 Jake conjured up a self-challenge, aptly named INKTOBER, since the idea manifested in October. The challenge was to better his inking skills by daily posting a freshly inked drawing. The challenge caught on and now, students and professionals alike join in and tag their work: #Inktober on social media. Jake offers prompts if the artist wants to use one of his suggestions to illustrate-(see below 2016 Inktober prompts).

I joined in just three days ago on this challenge, above are my submissions. Inking is hard for me, I actually prefer my drawings prior to inking. My goal? to show light and shadow better in my inking, and also not to be afraid of leaving white space, i.e. not to get so heavy handed. Search #inktober on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to see what exciting work is being posted, and join in!

Below is Jake's List of 2016 Inktober prompts
To learn more about this challenge:

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