Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yes, Yes I DO have a Second Etsy Shop

Cute Funny Red Wine Gift Tags © SuzanneUrbanArt on ETSY
Back in 2008 when I opened my first Etsy shop, I intended to fill it with my illustrations, prints, aceos and more. But with a day job I found it challenging to keep up on creating the work to build inventory in my shop. By chance I saw artists could email their work and have it printed in magnet form.  I opted to turn to my gag writing talent and volumes of vintage/retro clip art and invested in a Tecre machine a few years ago.Thus my magnet and pinback business was born and has grown. I'm stocking stuffer central here.

To keep my shop cohesive, I opted to open a second shop just for my illustrated work, this shop's received little attention from me until now. A move to working full-time from my studio made the difference so yes, yes I do have a second ETSY shop: SuzanneUrbanArt. Thank you for visiting! Featured in photo my wittily whimsical chef greeting card, set of nine each saying: "Cheers" in a different language: Red Wine Tags. I also offer tags for White Wine enthusiasts.

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