Friday, November 13, 2015

Proud Moment: My Husband's Vintage HI-Fi Museum on BetterCT

My husband's been in the business of repairing vintage tube sound equipment for years, antique radios, vintage hi-fi, vintage car radios, etc. He got in to this business by well, me. Early in our relationship, as we were trying to build a life together, he was downsized out of not one, but two jobs. Europe came in, purchased the companies and hardworking American employees were ditched.

This seems to be a trend that shouldn't be happening. But it's been going on for awhile. Mike had been selling off his sports collectibles and coin collection on eBay to make room for us to fit in the small literally, railroad flat that we rented on the Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut.

When the second downsizing happened, Mike had a choice to join some of his employees and take another miserable unstable corporate job, or not. I didn't want him too, as my faith in the corporate landscape had soured. Gone were the days like my Dad's where you could enjoy a life-long secure career and be appreciated for your efforts.

One day as I listened to NPR while working on an illustration assignment I realized my husband could fix things, electronic things as he's a Penn State grad in electrical engineering. So I thought why not start a business repairing vintage TV's since he did that when they were new in his college days. Then I thought, no, I grew up in a household with too many TV's that I felt alienated family interaction. Then I realized, Antique Radios!

His business has grown and due to his collection, and that of a friend, he has started this and please visit the museum at 485 New Park Avenue in West Hartford CT:


  1. Congrats! So happy to hear that the museum is proving to be successful!!

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Meant to sign my name... not sure it is yet showing up.

    2. Thanks for coming by Myrna! Hope if you're in the area you and your husband can come to the Dec. 5th Marketplace!

  2. Would love to stop by, however, we are very comfy now in our new home in Florida and have no plans to travel to CT in the near future.

    Good luck with everything!!