Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Daily Sketch #6 and #7 and Why I Missed a Day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, but the Fall air has a chill in it and I have more garden work to complete before it's too late. We've been in our house for four years, and despite a tight budget I'm determined to not reside in a house half-done, I want it as done as possible as soon as possible. For three years I had such a long commute that I was only home on weekends. Now, I'm home full-time and anxious to get caught up!

So this is why I failed to full fill my #DailySketch self-challenge yesterday. I've been wanting to create one in our front yard in front of two Dappled Willows that I planted two years ago. We have an antique home see it here: Deacon John Moore's house; and yesterday a descendent of Deacon John Moore stopped by to ask if he could take a picture of our 1664 home. This happens upon occasion and we oblige. But the area garden, plus some early Christmas orders in my ETSY shop, plus a stray kitty who's taken up residence in our yard-dog not too happy, he's jealous but kind- is what took up my time, and my body was racked with aches and pains from using muscles not used to having to work. Too tired to draw anything at the end of the day, I took two IBU (Ibuprofan), a glass of Merlot, a heating pad and watched a re-run of MOONSTRUCK on TV.

So I made the time up today. I had to get my Turtlenecks out for the cooler weather and thus came up with a Turtle in a what else? Turtleneck! The second snail pic I was aiming to create a designing illustration with some zentangle-like patterns in it.

 I plan to try this again soon as I like the idea of creating a simple drawing then figuring out a way to put pattern in with out over-working the original sketch. So one make-up sketch and one on time sketch for today!

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