Thursday, October 15, 2015

And this Little Piggy Went Shopping Day Late #DailySketch for #InkTober2015

Well, I missed my first daily posting, but I had a good reason. We were excitedly awaiting a visit from our brother-in-law, but he got the flu; then I got some orders in from my ETSY shop and from other customers. Then my Dad collapsed in Florida at his assisted living facility-he's on the mend thank GOD!–stepmother is exhausted. Then I got a radio station interested in interviewing my husband and his partner at their Vintage Hi-Fi Museum and in interviewing the ETSY CT team I'm on (NutmegCollective),  and have to set up museum for a TV interview as well, and I need to visit my Godchild recuperating from surgery, and then we're contending with THIS:
She showed up a week ago, we're seeking to re-home her. She is now indoors due to cold temps. She is perfect and we have a couple of leads. Last night our dog was so excited at having a cat in the house he peed on my husband, in bed-he's never done that before. This morning Kitty who slept through the night in our bedroom woke us up, unfortunately she peed on our couch as we didn't know that meant she had to go out. AND I'm trying to propagate some shrubs and plants before the freeze this Sunday.Today she gets a potty box and check up then she'll be ready for a wonderful home. All in a day's work you know? But I'm okay with this, really, maybe I perform better under a little pressure.

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