Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day#13 of My Instagram #DailyTwinchieChallenge

"Humpty" ©2015 Suzanne Urban
Happy St. Paddy's Day! I added a little four leaf clover in my Humpty Dumpty Twinchie Sketch. I toyed with the idea of drawing in green, but ended up using a regular pencil. I continue to honor and think about the importance of consistency and how it's daily conscious practice makes me feel a little more centered at the end of the day.

I started the DailyTwinchieChallenge on Instagram with a call out to any illustrators/artists interested in joining in, even if they can't commit to creating a sketch every day for the month of March. I'd read about artist Crystal Moody's self-challenge to build consistent creative habits for a full year. I realized that I needed to anchor myself with a self-challenge in order to be more happily creatively productive.

So far since I started this challenge, I've organized some of my inventory in my studio and have returned to some creative projects I'd put on the back burner for too long. My goal to finish them. Watch for the end result here.

Artists/Illustrators if you'd like to join in on the Instagram #DailyTwinchieChallenge simple create a 2"x2" work of art and tag it #DailyTwinchieChallenge on Instagram.

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  1. Suzanne~ You adorable egg seems to be having a marvy time celebrating St. Paddy's Day. Looking forward to seeing "end results" of creative projects you have uncovered in your studio. Can't wait !