Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Evening at the Hartford's New Infinity Hall Featuring Norah Jones and Puss N' Boots

The city of Hartford is coming into it's own these days. Once a rather sedate town compared to other cities; Hartford has a lot going on these days.

My husband and I saw David Bromberg at Norfolk's Infinity Hall, a famous venue known for it's star quality line up of musical entertainment. Last year Infinity Hall opened up a second venue in the heart of Hartford, and we scored tickets to see Norah Jones and her band PussNBoots featuring Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper.

We were too late to eat in Infinity's restaurant, all tables were reserved so we ventured next door to a restaurant featuring silent era movies on various TV screens. The appetizers we ordered were wonderful, the place was hopping, but the indifferent waitress kind of dampened the experience. We returned to Infinity when it was time to be seated and found out, at our box seat was a place setting and we could've had dinner there. Bummer! And the waitresses and staff couldn't be nicer. We did order a garden salad that was excellent!

This Infinity Hall is intimate, beautiful and allows one to touch the stage that the performers are standing on. Norah, Sasha and Catherine's harmonizing was beautiful, a truly beautiful, they also added some original tunes to their act. We had a terrific time and invite anyone to check out this amazing venue. Oh! And our tickets? Only 25.00!

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