Sunday, September 28, 2014

Visiting NorthWest Park in Windsor Daytime

Even the goats smile in Windsor.
My husband and I moved to Windsor Connecticut just a shade over three years ago. We purchased a historical home, built in 1664 by Deacon John Moore. We arrived from New Haven county where we owned a mixed-use and our experience in this former town was horrible. We just didn't fit in, we felt like outsiders and realized our house would be better off to someone who wasn't considered an "outsider", it was a rare mixed-used near a gorgeous beach. Sadly we had to move on.

Given as my faith was badly shaken by my first home-owning experience we scouted around. We looked ALL OVER Connecticut, I was still working in Westport and we hoped to get a duplex within commute distance. It just didn't happen, because as my husband said if we're going to move, we need to "move up". Moving up meant a quieter neighborhood, no one peeing on our fence, people who picked up after themselves, and people who were generally friendly. We considered an out-of-state move too, as Connecticut is expensive; but we opted to stay due to the better healthcare and other amenities. Often you can move and pay a lot less in another state-but then find you're paying for the lack or the lack is levied in another fee. We also didn't want to live in a "Red" state where Fracking and other anti-enviromental activities took place. Our governor said no to allowing toxic waste from Fracking to be stored in our state of Connecticut. And we certainly didn't want to live in a state that allowed an Open Carry policy for gun-toting idiots many of whom have stupidly shot themselves in the foot in very public places.

As I slowly crawl out of my shell to get to know Windsor, which is also the oldest town in Connecticut, I've discovered some pleasant surprises. An Arts Council with strong well-curated exhibits, new businesses cropping up and great restaurants and most importantly, we could actually AFFORD to buy a home here. We couldn't afford Fairfield County, parts of New Haven and Litchfield County-but here we could. Being a conservationist we never dreamed we'd own such an awesome house. Because I kept my job until last March and stayed down in Fairfield County with a wonderful family until I could leave, I only had weekends to get to know my new adopted town of Windsor, so I only knew how to get to the Post Office and a few other places.

So I guess I could say I'm finally getting to know Windsor now. Yesterday we took our dog Pieper and visiting Brother-in-law Jim to NorthWest Park during the day. I've only been there at nIghtfall for their terrific concert series.  So I was amazed at how large the farmstead is with walking trails, a nature center, a tobacco museum–Windsor has tobacco fields,–Connecticut grows the very best wrapping tobacco for cigars in the whole-wide world and an animal barn with goats, bunnies, turkeys, sheep and ducks.

If you get a chance to visit this truly New England town in every sense of the word-do visit NorthWest Park. You won't regret it!

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