Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sufffering Through Intermittent Fasting Today

I've needed to lose weight for awhile now, in fact I never, ever thought I would gain as much as I have over the past decade. This is partly due to medication prescribed as treatment after surgery as it lowered my hormonal levels. Also due to inactivity-I'd say it's my fault, but I have a very demanding day job that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day, add the fact that I live in two different counties due to a move north- I stay with a good friend and her adorable daughters and wee dog during the week and drive home to husband, house rabbits, dog and antique home on weekends. On Mondays I get up at 4:30am and make the drive to the job.

Every Monday I'll rush into the job, swing by the cafeteria and grab one of their famous dark chocolate, chocolate chip muffins to amp up my caffeine-infused day. It's pretty accurate to say I can't get through a work-day without chocolate. I feel my whole diet isn't bad, and I don't think I over-eat too much, but the weight has piled on and I need it off, my knees are telling me to take it off.

Last Spring I was greatly heartened by the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead where Australian business man Joe Cross realizes if he doesn't lose weight and cleanse his body of toxins, his hopes of enjoying life would end much sooner than later. This documentary's popularity has turned on others to the world of fasting for good health. But one issue troubled me, how could I fast for as long as Mr. Cross, given as I don't have the luxury to take a month off and travel the states as I fast. I remember years ago author Judith Viorst mentioned a friend who fasted one day out-of-the-week to keep her trim figure.  I always wondered if something like that would work for me.

And then Voila! British TV personality Dr. Michael Mosley researched and tested what is known as "IF" or intermittent fasting. In fact he documented his journey through this diet that is backed up with sound scientific evidence. And this might be finally the diet for me, as it actually isn't a "diet, diet"-South Beach worked but was too regimented, Weight Watchers? I'm lousy at math so don't want to try adding up points everyday; but this? fasting or eating just 500 calories two non-consecutive days a week and eating what you want the other days sounds pretty promising.

But today I struggle with the first 500 calorie day, I didn't plan on starting it today, but I'm home and knew I would do better starting on a non-work-day. I feel a little dazed, and concentrating for a long period of time is hard-so reading is out, working in my studio is out, even working on a website for a friend proved tasking. But Mr. Wolsey promises this will pass and it will get much easier in the future and the benefits far outweigh any other diet program which really would be hard to for me to follow.

The thing I don't understand at the moment is why do I have the hiccups?

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