Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seeing Diana Krall at the Bushnell

My husband and I were thrilled to discover one of our favorite musicians Diana Krall was performing at the Bushnell in Hartford, Connecticut. In fact we were listening to her version of the "Frim, Fram Sauce" song when he spied the tickets for sale on his iPhone. We are a couple of modest means, so we couldn't afford front row, or even the floor seats, we purchased two seats way up in the balcony. When we arrived, I forgot.

I've acquired a fear of heights, something that seeped in after childhood. So there I am balancing a plastic glass of Merlot in one hand, sketchbook in the other and the steps to our seats were DEEP and NARROW and right near the low-front row balcony rail. Well, you can imagine my fear-of-heights laced with a hint of Merlot giddiness made it hard for me to adjust at first. In fact, as I popped open my sketchbook to ink in some drawings for this-here-blog–my ticket sailed out and landed under two front row seats. So there I was crawling between strangers feet and apologizing as I reached for the rascally slip of paper. Returning to my seat, it hit me.

The interior art-deco beauty of the Bushnell is unsurpassed, one could gaze at the ceiling all day long and never get bored. I could even reach out and touch a gold-painted star next to my seat. This theatre was the perfect foil for Diana Krall's new album and tour: Glad Rag Doll. Her theme influenced from listening to her father's 78rpm records. Diana is funny and offered wonderful stories in-between songs. "Glad Rag Doll" was a term used to describe the Ziegfield Dancers of early 20th century fame, many who lived difficult lives, but one-Ms. Krall pointed out–lived to be 106 and ran a ranch out in the mid-west after retiring her feather boa and tap shoes. Diana sang beautifully and her accompanying band brought the house down, I think my favorite was her interpretation of Tom Waites "Temptation" song. Behind the musicians a backdrop screened clips from old Disney films, Ziefield Folly acts and more. At the end of the show Diana cranked up an old victrola, waved gently to the audience and exited. This is a concert not to be missed. Ms. Krall you nailed it in every sense of the word. And I came away with ideas of creating some Glad Rag (art) Dolls in honor of those lovely ladies from long ago.