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My list of some of Connecticut's Best Makers, Movers and Shakers + Places!


As of June 2014 my husband Mike Urban and his partner Bob Pienkowski received permission from the federal government to start a non-profit. The result of their efforts is the Vintage Hi-Fi Museum in West Hartford CT. Come Visit!

My husband and I've seen movies at this amazing theatre that is a part of Trinity College. Founded and operated by Trinity Alum James Hanley.

I was commissioned to create some illustrations for the Walnut Beach Creamery for some of their gourmet ice cream cartons, their outrageous flavors are delicious and a real treat, if you're in Connecticut-you must visit them!
Seventeen years ago I met my husband at the SoNo Arts Celebration, it's unlike any other street festival I know of! I encourage you all to attend after all, you'll never know who you might meet. . .

Makers, Movers and Shakers:

Mike Urban

My husband Mike is an electrical engineer by trade (Penn State), but when he met up with this artist, I convinced him to shuck the volatile corporate job market and build his own business. He has very successfully for over fifteen years. If grandpa's old radio or your vintage stereor or vintage car radio needs restoration, Mike is your go-to guy!

Major Knitter 

A Connecticut Mom who served in the Marines! Jennifer Jackson's blog is all about her varied passions, from knitting, to baking and her many adventures as a scout troop leader! She's a rare find in Fairfield County!

The Nutmeg Collective

I am a member of the Nutmeg Collective an Etsy team of Makers and Vintage sellers. I love this pro-active team and am amazed at the talent and supportive nature the members harbor.

Donna May Robinson-Pellittieri

Former New York City Fashion designer and now Connecticut resident and my friend, Donna May Robinson is a phenomenal doll artist and children's fashion designer. She is a member of the prestigious NIADA organization.

Dawn Alice Designs

Another phenomenal doll artist and Connecticut resident, my friend Dawn Alice Rogers is also a painter, children's upcycled clothing designer and former gymnastic coach who went to the 1996 Olympic games with her team.


Intuitive, teacher, published writer and phenomenal painter, I admire the spirit paintings of friend and Connecticut Resident Elaine Clayton-Boughton. Her intuitive drawing workshops are a must-attend event!

Barbara Sparks

Okay I'm sneaking a former Connecticut resident in here! I met Barbara years ago when I costume-emphasis on costume-modeled at Silvermine Art Center. We've been friends ever since. Barbara's luminous watercolours of English, Connecticut and California garden landscapes and many detailing her twin daughter's and younger daughter Lily's childhood are the perfect calming accompaniment to your walls. She is now on ETSY.

Susan Thomsen

Talented writer and wonderful book reviewer Susan Thomson has the one of the most enjoyable blogs covering all things children's books. A must read!

Laurie Wright

Talented family and children photographer Laurie Wright is as beautiful as the pictures she freezes in time, no wonder she's the go-to family photographer in Connecticut!

Rita Smircich

I first met Rita Smircich when she organized the highly successful: "A Show of Hands Working Clocks by Working Artists: in Westport CT.  I was one of the artists she invited to participate in this curated show that Rita conceptualized and implemented. The show garnered an article in the New York Times with a picture of my Alice in Wonderland rabbit clock and a bid on it from famous local celebrity-(yes I'm shamelessly name-dropping) Joanne Woodward! Any brides out there? Buy Rita's wonderful book to get you to the altar! This lady knows everything about events!

Grace Connell Designs

Grace Connell's calligraphy designs soars far above many with her accompanying illustrations and fine designs. She is a seasoned professional by far.

Jane Green

Connecticut has a lot of British exports, and one the best is author/blogger Jane Green, who's books rise above the chicklit genre to embrace love, death, challenging relationshops and accepting one's imperfections with open arms. I'm proud to have my funny collage prints included in her art collection.

Caresse Amenta

Multi-talented graphic designer Caresse Amenta hired me to make pinbacks for her Band THE DRESSUPS. She's also combined her design talents and photography work of talented husband Breck to create products featuring shots of formerly glorious Hartford City historical hot spots.

Kristen Skelton

Former school teacher turned savvy small business entrepreneur with extraordinary sewing/design skills, Kristen also uses her considerable leadership strengths to head The Nutmeg Collective,  a vibrant, fun, serious, educational, and interactive group here in Connecticut.

Ann Nyberg

Beautiful newscaster Ann Nyberg embodies all that is good about Connecticut, she's a one woman cheerleading team for anything Connecticut, we're lucky to have her here.

Red Bee™ Honey

Illustrator/Designer Carla Marina Marchese-Bennedetto moved into a small cottage in Weston Connecticut in the 90's.  The surrounding woods and fauna drew her close to the environment and of all things organic. This appreciation turned to a passion for Beekeeping, and the rest is delicious history.

Sherri Wolfgang

Contemporary Renaissance painter Sherri Wolfgang's work is astounding to say the least. Her background in comic book illustration adds a powerful energy to her large-scale paintings.

Sari Bodi

Young adult author, and screen writer Sari Bodi was a mom at the school where I worked the front reception desk. Between guest book sign-ins and PTA chores I got to know her work. Her book The Ghost in Allie's Pool is a page turner, I highly recommend the book!

Linda Wingerter

Talented Gemini, Linda is a fire baton tosser, award-winning children's book illustrator, puppet-designer and owner of her own professional puppet company, but wait! She does MORE! Visit her hauntingly serene work to view colorful images that glow from within.